PP Series Pneumatic Actuators for Elastomer Seated Butterfly Valves (Double Acting and Spring Return)



For Elastomer Seated Butterfly Valves

Actuators listed are for elastomer seated Type 57P/56/75 butterfly valves in the fail closed position. For fail open, consult JJD. Actuators are sized for “Normal” service. For gas, vapour, or severe chemical service, consult JJD. For actuation of other than listed valves or for pressures not listed, consult JJ Downs Industrial Plastics Inc.

PP Series – Polyamide Body

PP Series actuators are rack and pinion (rotary) type. They feature light weight construction, long cycling life and ISO/NAMUR dimensions. Body and end caps are glass filled polyamide. Shaft and threaded inserts are 303 SS. Mounting bolt circle conforms to ISO.  Actuators accept NAMUR standard limit switches and pad mount solenoid valves directly.

Asahi PP Series is part of the P Series family of quarter-turn pneumatic rack and pinion actuators designed for long cycling life in demanding industrial applications.

PP Series actuators feature bodies and end caps of injection moulded polyamide, 50% glass filled. These light weight compact actuators offer good chemical resistance.  Asahi valves with PP actuators make an “all plastic” lighter package, attractive for plastic piping systems.

Output torques are up to 915 in.-lbs. spring return (SR) and 1,335 in.-lbs. double acting (DA) with 80 psi control air. They will power all Asahi ball valves and butterfly valves up to 6” DA and 4” SR.

JJD offers actuated ball and butterfly valves, assembled and bench tested. A complete range of control accessories is available. Also offered is actuation service for all quarter-turn metal valves.


Application Diversity
• Industrial process
• Light weight or all-plastic applications

Quality Built for Long Cycling Life
• Rated for over 1 million cycles
• Molybdenum grease-impregnated O-rings
• PTFE impregnated piston wear pads and wear rings
• Double O-ring shaft seals
• Minimum backlash with no play between parts
• Massive tooth engagement between racks and pinion

Corrosion Resistant
• Injection moulded 50% glass-filled Polyamide body and end caps Standard Mounting Dimensions
• ISO 5211 bottom bolt circles and drives allow direct mounting to most valves
• NAMUR solenoid pad and VDI/VDE 3845 top shaft allow for mounting of all standardized accessories
• Standardized actuator mounting kits are available for many valve makes

Compact, Simple Design
• Dual-opposed rack and pinion design supplies high torque for its size and weight
• Air porting is integral, keeps design clean and simple

Safety Spring Set
• Prevent dangerous release of spring tension during disassembly