“A” Series Electric Actuators for Type 57 Elastomer Seated Butterfly Valves



For Elastomer Seated Butterfly Valves — Type 57 Valve, Speed (for valve sizes 1-1/2″ to 4″) is 5 seconds, Speed (for 6″ valve) is 25 seconds, Maximum Line Pressure (psi) 150.

Actuators listed are for Type 57 elastomer seated butterfly valves in the fail closed position. For fail open, consult JJD. Actuators are sized for “normal” service. For gas, vapour, or severe chemical service, consult JJD.

A Series
A Series actuator is CSA special inspection labelled.  Standard features include NEMA 4X enclosure of die cast aluminum with baked hybrid epoxy coating and stainless steel trim, manual override, beacon visual position indicator, permanently lubricated gear train and dual 1/2” NPT conduit ports. Duty cycle for AA1 and AC1 models is 100% and is 75% for AB1. Actuators are supplied 115VAC/60Hz as standard, but other voltages are available. AC and AD actuators in 115/220 volts are supplied with motor brakes and heater/thermostats as standard.

The A Series Electric Actuator is a reversible rotary unit with output torques up to 2000 in.-lb. These actuators power butterfly valves up to 6” size, as well as all sizes of ball valves up to 6”. The A Series actuator features an epoxy coated die cast aluminum housing with NEMA 4X enclosure rating. JJD also offers complete actuated ball, butterfly and diaphragm valves, assembled and bench tested. Actuation service is also available for all quarter-turn metal valves.


Multiple Operation/Control Options
• 3-wire (standard)
• Adjustable Travel (standard)
• Manual Override (standard)
• 2-wire (optional)
• 3-position (optional)
• AS-i Bus communication (optional)
• Cycle Length Control (optional)
• Digital Positioner (optional)
• Failsafe (optional)
• Heater/Thermostat
• Mechanical Brake (optional)
• Multiple-Turn (optional)

Multiple Feedback Options
• Visual (standard)
• Feedback Switches (optional)
• Feedback Potentiometer (optional)
• Feedback Transmitter (optional)

Special Inspection Labelled by CSA
(Canadian Standards Association)

NEMA 4X Enclosure
• Waterproof, corrosion proof with baked hybrid epoxy coated die cast aluminum housing and stainless steel fasteners

No Maintenance
• Permanently lubricated gear train
• Designed for 250,000 + cycles

Thermal Overload Protection
• Thermal switch embedded into motor windings

Extended Operating Temperature Range
• –10 to 60 degrees C (15 to 140 degress F) (standard)
• Lower temperature reachable with anti-condensation/cold weather heater/thermostat (optional)

Standard Mounting Dimensions
• ISO-5211 mounting bolt circle and drive


Operating Voltage
• 115 VAC (standard)
• 220 VAC, 12 or 24 VAC or VDC (optional)

Electrical Conduit Entry
• 2 x 1/2” NPT

Motor Direction
• Reversing

Motor Cycle Time
• Fixed (standard)
• Adjustable (optional)